The largest labour federation in the World


INDIAN NATIONAL TRADE UNION CONGRESS (INTUC) was established on 3rd May 1947 as a federation of Trade Unions by Congress stalwart Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi and Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. INTUC is the part and parcel of Congress Party which is already mentioned in the "CONSTITUTION" of 1947 adopted by the Congress Party.

Since independence of our country Indian National Trade Union Congress and affiliated unions always stood at No. 1 position in all sectors / organizations. INTUC has a great history and is a mass movement respected by working class all over the world. It is a movement which has a long history of struggle for the cause of workers. INTUC has always remained in the centre stage of all major trade union movement in the country since its inception and it has earned a high degree of respect among the trade union fraternity all over the world. Indian as well as the working class all over the world look towards its leadership for guidance. INTUC has also given its constituent units an ample scope for expression of their views and action in a democratic manner. It has immensely contributed in strengthening the democratic tradition of the country.

INTUC is aimed at welfare of workers, working in both the organized and unorganized sectors as well as to strengthen relation among workers, trade unions and industrialists for the economic growth of the country.

The INTUC objects lay stress to secure an effective and complete organization of all categories of workers, including agriculture labour, to assist in the formation of trade unions; to promote the organization of the workers of each industry on a nationwide basis, to secure speedy improvement of conditions of work and life and of the status of the workers in industry and society; to obtain for the works various measures of social security including adequate provision in respect of accident, maternity, sickness, old age and unemployment, to secure living wage for every worker in normal employment and to bring about a progressive improvement in the workers' standard of life; to regulate hours and other conditions of work in keeping with the requirements of the workers in the matter of healthy, recreation and cultural development; to secure suitable legislative enactments for ameliorating the conditions of the workers and to ensure proper enforcement to establish just industrial relation to secure redress of grievances without stoppage of work by means of negotiations and conciliation and failing that by arbitration or adjudication; where adjudication is not available for the redressal of grievances, to facilitate recourse on the part of the workers to other legitimate methods including strikes or any available form of satyagraha; to make necessary arrangements of the efficient conduct and satisfactory and speedy conclusions of authorized strikes or satyagrapha; to foster the spirit of solidarity service, brotherhood, cooperation and mutual help among the workers; to develop in the works a sense of responsibility towards industry and community, and to raise the workers; standard of efficiency and discipline.

During last decade some people for their vested interests ruined the name of INTUC and tried to capture whole organization by deleting the name of INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS from the Indian National Trade Union (INTUC) 'CONSTITUTION' and making conspiracy in collusion with opposition parties against U.P.A. Government & Congress party. Taking the matter seriously, the senior leaders of Congress, Hon'ble Members of General Council, Delegates and eminent and veteran trade union leaders of INTUC from different parts of the country organized a meeting and formed adhoc committee under the leadership of prominent social worker and trade unionist Sh. Ashok Choudhary to save the identity of Indian National Trade Union Congress (Federation). To elect the Working Committee as per the constitution of 1947, the INTUC adhoc committee unanimously resolved to organize a NATIONAL CONVENTION in Hyderabad.

In the National Convention at Gandhi Bhawan, Hyderabad held on 17th and 18th January, 2012, the new working committee formed by the delegates and General Council members and Shri Ashok Choudhary has been elected President, Sh. M. Jithender as Sr. Vice President, Sh. K.K. Tiwari as General Secretary and Sh. M.K. Gupta as Treasurer along with other National office bearers.